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Bulletin Intelligence Upgrades Media Analytics Platform with AccuReach, Industry’s Most Accurate Measure of Effected Audiences

RESTON, Va. – February 8, 2017 – Bulletin Intelligence, which provides daily intelligence briefings for the White House, a majority of the US Cabinets and agencies, and a significant portion of Fortune 500 C-suites, today announced its introduction of AccuReach, a proprietary measure of actual news media readership – a core component of Bulletin Intelligence’s Media Analytics solution that delivers insights on clients’ media impact and brand reputation.

Organizations recognize that it’s increasingly important to capture news insights that contribute to customers’ opinions about their brands and services. If trends are discovered early, management can address gaps in market reach and reputation before opinions suffer significantly.

To act decisively, however, management demands accurate data and real-time insights. While many organizations and data vendors continue to rely on news organizations’ outlet-wide circulation figures, these numbers can significantly inflate real readership – often by a factor of 100X or more. For example, if a story appears on a news outlet’s website, it is extremely misleading to claim the total audience that visited that site read every available story. Most people read a story or two and move on.

AccuReach solves this issue by leveraging advanced machine-learning algorithms and a test set of more than 840,000 articles to identify the article characteristics that accurately predict actual online readership for individual stories published by both U.S. and worldwide media outlets. 

“The quantitative research behind the new AccuReach measure is fascinating, clarifying the degree in which specific media outlets, mobile viewership patterns, article lexicons, placement, and several other factors contribute to media readership,” said John Shomaker, Bulletin SVP for Data Services. “As executive teams demand more empirical measurement around reputation risk, AccuReach will stand as the industry’s most accurate readership measure of today’s fragmented media.”

Added Bulletin CEO Paul Roellig, “The corporate executives reading our intelligence briefings each morning increasingly ask: ‘Are our customers being fed positive or negative impressions regarding our brand and its products and services? What is the real impact on our company? Waiting for sales figures is often too late.’” Roellig added, “To address these concerns, we’ve made a significant investment in our media measurement and analytics assets over the past four years, and we believe AccuReach is the most accurate estimate of individual article readership. This allows us to compile accurate overall metrics for our clients, creating a valuable tool for managing their organization.”

AccuReach is a component of Bulletin Intelligence’s analytics platform and is available now as part of its v.2.4.0 release. Bulletin’s human-scored media measurement is conducted by its more than 120-person team of strategic analysts. Stories are scored across numerous facets, such as tone, prominence, and key message inclusion. Using its proprietary formulas, competitive insights are generated and shared each day with top executives in Bulletin’s daily intelligence briefings. Each client’s intuitive dashboard platform allows for a deeper dive with charts and graphs showing trends over time. 

About Bulletin Intelligence

Bulletin Intelligence delivers fully-customized intelligence briefings to the world’s most demanding executives in leading businesses, government entities, and associations, reaching a combined daily audience of over 1.5 million professionals. Briefings analyze and synthesize the most comprehensive and relevant set of news, social media, and industry content, all based on the client’s corporate, brand, competitive, industry, policy, legal, and financial priorities. Called the “perfect antidote to information overload” by a Fortune 50 CEO, the briefings put the entire management team on the same page every morning – facilitating faster and more consistently informed decision-making. Bulletin Intelligence complements its briefing solutions with a set of analytics solutions that quantitatively measure the effectiveness and impact of media coverage on the company’s overall brand reputation, on specific brands, and against key competitors. Bulletin emphasizes its responsive, white-glove services and boasts a 97% annual client retention rate. Today, more than 90% of its client CEOs read their Bulletin Intelligence briefing each morning. Bulletin Intelligence is headquartered in Reston, VA, with additional offices in New York City and Honolulu, HI.


Read more about our research: “Is Anyone Reading Your Company’s News Coverage?” by John Shomaker, SVP of Data Services


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