News Analysis.

    Fully-customized to the specific interests of each of our clients, the service boils down all the reporting from news media and influential social media to only the most important takeaways on their company, competitors and industry.

  • Patented software searches for and organizes relevant news from tens of thousands of global English and non-English media sources (newspapers, magazines, online, trade press, national and local TV, influential social media, etc.).
  • Expert analysts dissect it all, looking for only the most valuable and useful insights and distill what could be 100+ pages of news-clips, broadcast transcripts, and influential social-media posts into a quick-read morning briefing, saving our clients’ executive teams valuable search and reading time every morning.
  • The service is delivered both via mobile-optimized email and secure online dashboards.
  • And to ensure our clients are not blindsided by developing events, our dashboards provide links to 24/7 breaking news on a client, its competitors and issues.

Depending on clients' preferences regarding comprehensiveness and depth, daily briefings typically range from 10 stories to 50 stories. Some are short single-source analysis pieces, while for others we include nuggets from a variety of sources such as in the first sample below.

Multi-Source In Depth Example.

Example of 24/7 Updated News-Stream.

Clients can add to their online dashboard a continuously updated news-stream widget with breaking stories focused on their company, competitors and industry.